Improve the quality of your audits - a one-stop guide to internal auditing in financial services

Are you about to embark on a career in internal auditing in financial services and want to make a solid start?

Have you been in the profession for several years and want to broaden your business knowledge and to deepen your technical expertise to progress in your career? And you want to develop your team into better auditors.

You may be a business manager considering a stint in internal audit as part of your development and want to have a good grip of internal auditing before you start?

As an internal auditor, your job is to provide assurance that an organization, in pursuing its business objectives,

  • is managing risks that may impact its business objectives
  • has an internal control system that is operating effectively to mitigate those risks

The organization's governing body, e.g. the board of directors, and the financial services regulators expect you to do this effectively.

You know that you need strong technical skills - auditing, risk management, internal controls, governance and more, and strong business skills - understanding of the financial services business, its business environment, the business objectives, strategies and business models, the risks and opportunities the business faces and above all, you need to have business acumen and be able to see the forest for the trees.

You want to be in control of your development and your career, but finding the time to keep up is a constant challenge.

Having worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years, including over 10 years in the profession, I have experienced first hand the challenges that auditors face. I have researched various topics...the hard way...spending a lot of time in doing research and sifting through large amount of information.

In, I share resources and my experience to help you in your development and do your job more effectively. This site:

  • Covers the key aspects of internal auditing, risk management and corporate governance
  • Helps you understand the financial services business holistically
  • Provides suggestions for your professional development
  • Introduces you to relevant resources for your further research

What is Internal Audit
What is internal audit, what do internal auditors do, their reporting line and the typical audit activities.
"What is Risk Management" and Key Risk Management Concepts
Elements of risk management explained in simple terms; application of risk management illustrated.
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Financial services industry
Develop knowledge and skills and become a competent internal auditor
A successful internal auditor has a wide range of skills and is business savvy. Here are some guidelines to help to tailor your own development plan.
Essential business concepts for auditors
Business concepts that help you understand the business and supplement your auditing skills
About this Site
About this site. helps make the auditing experience enjoyable.